Hello world!

27 November 2021 Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!...

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Insights for Creating and Sustaining Work Happiness

2 August 2017 The key to success at work is being happy — not the other way around, says Shawn Achor (TED Talk: The happy secret to better work). To learn more about his positive philosophy of the...

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Value your time over how much you earn!

1 August 2017 People who prefer to spend time on their hobbies and earn less are happier than people who like to work longer hours for big pay packets, a study has found. Spending time in more...

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How I Manifested a Happy and Loving Relationship

24 June 2017 Just a few years back, I was in a very unhappy place. I was heartbroken, lonely, unsupported and wondered how and if I would ever be in a stable relationship that was healthy, happy, and...

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19 Free Ways to Enjoy the Summer

21 June 2017 Summer is a great time to enjoy City of WP and some of its best events and amenities. The City Beautiful offers a wide variety of free activities for everyone, including parks, fairs and...

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A life without the daily traffic jams and mounts of paper work.

21 February 2017 By Order of the Fire Marshal: The following restrictions shall apply to all open fires and the use of fireworks. The restrictions will be in effect through July 31, 2016, or until...

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Love and a sense of proportion are what’s really needed

27 April 2016 Restlessly waiting to be taken to a friend’s house, my 12-year-old is badgering me alta voce to hurry up. I shout at him to leave me alone and let me finish what I am doing. He makes...

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The Power Of Pain To Becoming Your Best Self

22 February 2016 When was the last time you sat down to concentrate on how to improve yourself? As you go about your life between work, kids, friends, hobbies, etc. there isn’t always time to ponder your...

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